Data Analysis

Analyse your data to optimise the return on investment of your product and your marketing campaigns.

Web Analytics

Use Adobe Omniture or Google Analytics on your website. Understand user journeys and behaviour of visitors.



Customer Analysis

Use customer segmentation and data mining to understand your customers and maximise revenue.


Getting the most from your data

We have decades of experience "client side" working with data to improve revenue. Whether it is identifying parts of your website with that are underperforming or helping you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, we can help you become more efficient.

Web Analytics

We have plenty of experience with both Adobe Omniture and Google Analytics. We can help you implement tracking for new sites/apps and create dashboards so you can easily visualise performance. Just as importantly we can help you make the most of your data. We can improve your site by analysing user journeys and drop off points within the order/registration process.


Customer Analysis

We are familiar in working with large data sets. Using segmentation and profiling techniques we can help you understand your customers and their behaviour. Understanding the Life Time Value (LTV) of your customers can help you in business planning as well as marketing campaign planning.



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