A picture tells a 1000 words...

Data is beautiful, Tableau lets you visualise complex data in a simple and easy to use format.

Integrated reporting

You can set up dashboards for all levels of your organisation using multiple data sources.

Complex Data Manipulation

Tableau allows you to filter, slice and dice your data to get insight quickly.

Why Tableau?

Tableau allows you to easily see and understand your data. Its a flexible solution which can enable all teams in your organisation see the data that they want to, in a simple and visual format.

If set up correctly you can easily provide dashboards that are optimised for mobile use as well as desktop. Phase90 can assist you in the following ways;


Phase90 can help you with implementation of Tableau. If you already have Tableau, we can help you make the most of it. We are happy to work with you on site on a contract basis on-site.


Do you have Tableau licences in your organisation and are unsure how to use it? We can help you with bespoke training. Before we train you we will want to understand exactly how you will be using the software, what KPI's you want to focus on and what reports are required. We will then develop and on site training plan focussed directly for you.

Tableau wide - heatmap

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